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"The Bill Vanish Perfected"

By Douglas Brewer

The Bill Vanish Perfected is Doug Brewer’s work on vanishing a signed, borrowed bill at the fingertips. What separates this vanish from any other published method?

  • The bill is seen at the fingertips up until the second it “vanishes”.
  • Both hands are immediately shown empty, including the inside of the hands, fingers and even the thumbs.
  • Practical vanish for any environment: close-up, stand-up or stage settings.
  • After the vanish the bill is immediately accessible for its subsequent revelation.
  • Bill to Matchbox: Incorporates a gambling game into the fun of reproducing the signed bill.
  • Bill to Key Case: A routine using the very deceptive but seldom used Monte Cristo Deck (now marketed as the Mastermind Deck).
  • Bill to Coin Purse: Highlights the use of an old Paul Harris coin routine into a game of chance for the spectator to win back their vanished bill.
  • Bill to Matchbook: Not a mindbender, but a very simple starter routine to get your confidence up for using the bill vanish in a working environment.
  • Bill to Lemon: Doug’s take on the classic, incorporating some old ideas into new, fresh uses. A very easy and no-stress method will make this your favorite.

  • Bonus Routine!
    Triple Bill Change: Combining two principles from Bob Sheets and Daniel Garcia, a dollar visually changes into a $5 bill, then instantly into a $20 bill, which can be immediately handed out. A discussion of using existing published methods for achieving alternative effects.

    Get ready, the Bill Vanish Perfected has arrived!

    Running time approximately 94 minutes.

"Red Light"

Coin Magic for the Walk Around Performer
By Douglas Brewer

Doug Brewer is back with more of his favorite miracles with coins. This time it's RED LIGHT - Magic to Make Them Stop in Their Tracks! All the material is suitable for walk-around or stand-up environments - no jacket or sitting required.

  • Coins In Single File: A prelude routine to Coins & Cylinder. Coins vanish one at a time, in the cleanest manner possible, and reappear under a small leather cylinder.
  • Coins & Cylinder: The classic routine using four half dollars, a small piece of cork and a leather cylinder (and maybe a little something else).
  • 9 Ball in the Corner Pocket: Doug converts David Roth's classic showpiece, The Portable Hole, into a practical walk-around routine with a killer ending.
  • Right-Handed Coins: One of the strongest routines in Doug's repertoire. He'll teach you all the nuances to the one routine they'll ask to see again.
  • Vanishing Matrix: Pretty much what the title implies. Simple. Practical. Impossible. What more could you bring your audiences?
  • The Invisible: The opening routine to a two-phase coin box set. Three coins vanish and reappear in the magician's hand, and even the spectator's hand, only to reappear back in the box!
  • Brass Trio: Doug's homage to a Gary Kurtz classic in coin magic. Two copper coins and a silver half dollar vanish one at a time, switch places, then appear under the box and lid sitting on the table.
  • Box Through Hand: Absolutely one of Doug's favorite routines with the coin box designed for stand-up or walk-around environments (no sitting required!).
  • Translocated Okito Box: A beautiful little routine direct from Doug's book, Coin Box Killers.
  • Too Perfect (performance only): As the title implies, a near perfect rendition of an out-in-out with three coins and an Okito coin box.

  • Running Time Approximatley: 2hrs

"The Unexpected Visitor"

Coin Magic for the Walk Around Performer
By Douglas Brewer

Douglas Brewer was the 1998 SAM Close-up Champion. The coin magic routines featured in this, his first book, are fast-paced, resetting, and within the handling abilities of the average coin worker. Just about all of the routines can be done with little or no table space. Included on each routine is Doug's patter and step-by-step illustrations.

Tricks included:

  • Captivating - A three-coin production using your pen and its cap. The routine is the epitome of simplicity (with a gaff that you already own) doing most of the work for you. It's the perfect way to begin your coin act.
  • EZ Triple Wildcoin - This is as easy as it gets. It's two coins changing TWO TIMES with very little work. It starts with two half dollars magically changing to English pennies. The pennies are placed in a coin purse and when dumped out, they become Chinese coins!
  • Backhanded - A coin matrix with three coins (from 3 different countries) and a single playing card. The vanishes are extremely clean and rely heavily on the use of sound. The backfire at the end is quite a kicker.
  • The Famous Three Coin Trick - A multi-phase smorgasbord of coin magic using only 3 coins! With only three half dollars and a coin purse, this is about the strongest opener you could ever perform. Each coin vanishes, is immediately reproduced, and then vanishes again only to jump INVISIBLY back to the purse where they started.
  • Sounds Familiar - A coins across routine in the spectator's hands that ends on a one-two punch. Uses English pennies and a single Chinese coin, simple and memorable.
  • Chopped Taters, Doug's only noncoin routine is chop cup routine for table hoppers packed with comedy and surprises. It's got it all, a mini cup (that fits unobtrusively in you pocket), and a cute mini potato finale that'll make them cheer. A restaurant worker's dream!
  • The Hook Revisited, An even simpler version of the Jennings classic. Three coins are hung invisibly in the air. The hands are shown fairly after each vanish and you end completely clean after the last coin. There's no handwashing, sleeving, or lapping and you can do it surrounded.
  • Three Across the Fly - A dual phase coin routine that kicks off with Three Fly and ends with a crisp new Coins to Pocket routine that's candy for the eyes.
  • Down Spout - One of the easiest, no stress coin-in-bottle routines you'll perform. It plays huge because of how fair it appears.
  • The After Dinner Trick - A small thimble sized cup plays host to a vanishing act as half dollars mysteriously vanish from it and appear in your empty hand.

The Unexpected Visitor is 85 pages, perfect bound, with illustrations by Tony Dunn.


"The Unexpected Visitor" DVD - Volume 1"

Coin Magic for the Walk Around Performer
By Douglas Brewer

Douglas Brewer was the 1998 SAM Close-up Champion. The coin magic routines featured in this DVD are fast-paced, resetting, and within the handling abilities of the average coin worker. Just about all of the routines can be done with little or no table space

Tricks included:

  • Sounds Familiar: Coins across to the spectator’s hand. A killer transposition at the end takes all the heat off you.
  • Backhanded: Three different coins vanish and appear under a card, then backfire to your hand. This routine uses sound in a very clever way.
  • Famous Three Coin Trick: Three coins vanish and reappear (one visually on the spectator’s hand!). Then they vanish again, and appear in the coin purse on the table!
  • EZ Triple Wildcoin: Two half dollars change into English Pennies then Chinese coins in this very easy version of a classic plot.
  • Down Spout: A beautiful and easy Coin in Bottle.
  • Cap-tivating: Clean and strong – three coins are magically dumped from a pen cap!
  • Hook Revisited: A reworking of Larry Jennings’ famous Hook routine: Three coins are hung invisibly in the air. You end clean, clean, clean!
  • Wishing Cards: Three coins are produced impossibly from between two cards.
  • Payout: A follow-up to the Wishing Cards routine: Three coins are vanished one at a time into the two cards used to produce them. As the cards are lifted all three coins instantly appear!
  • Coins & Cylinder (Performance Only): Doug’s version of Ramsay’s famous trick.


"The Unexpected Visitor" DVD - Volume 2"

Another Visit From The Unexpected
By Douglas Brewer

Developed, tested and refined for maximum audience impact in Every Situation! 11 tricks fully explained. Coin magic for every situation.

Tricks included:

  • Visual Copper Silver Brass: Unbelievable final phase where the coins transpose even with your hands open!
  • Fidget: Two coins become "fidgety" - changing places, multiplying, altering their appearance, with a final transposition in the spectator's hand.
  • The Flying Stupendas: Doug's handling of a classic plot with the Okito Box, ending in the spectator's hand.
  • Clone Elizabeth: A three coin production that is silent, but deadly. A great lead-in to any coins across sequence.
  • Chariots of Fire: Fire is used to cleverly sneak in the gaffs for Doug's handling of the classic copper/silver/brass effect.
  • Invisible Palm by Candlelight: Three coins appear and reappear in a dramatic routine using candlelight.
  • Magician vs. Wife's Coin Purse: A stunner direct from Doug's award-winning close-up act.
  • Turkey Shoot: Doug's handling of the brilliant Triple Threat gimmick.
  • Shrunken Heads: Another sneaky use of the Triple Threat gimmick, shrinking full-sized silver dollars into miniature coins.
  • Bertram Revisited: A simplified and commercial reworking of Derek Dingle's variation on a classic assembly plot.
  • Chopped Taters: Doug's handling of the mini-Chop Cup, direct from his acclaimed book.


"Half & Half" DVD - Volume 1

Practical Magic for the Working Performer
By Douglas Brewer

Tricks included:

  • Ultimate (?) Wild Coin Routine
    History Production: A devilishly clever way to produce 3 coins while ringing in a gaff.
    Ultimate (?) Wildcoin: Doug's handling of the classic effect. 3 coins change one at a time into a Chinese coin. A super clean, visual change turns them back to silver.
    Payout (Performance only): A favorite from The Unexpected Visitor Vol.1 fits perfectly here.
    Chinese Change: The finale for the entire routine brining it all full circle.

  • A Bill Routine
  • Transporter Malfunction: Doug's surprising variation of the classic $1 and $5 transposition, based on a routine from Joshua Jay.
    Skullcracker Correction: Bob Sheet's visual, in-the-hands change, corrects a horrible situation.
    bill2box: A killer ending to the entire routine. They never see it coming.

  • The Triple Crowns (Based on Larry Jennings' Triple Discovery Routine)
  • Ace Revelation: Two jokers morph to reveal the Aces.
    Royal Crown: A demonstration in cheating leads to a progressive revelation, ending with a Royal Flush.
    Australian Crown: A reworking of LJ's Triple Discovery routine to reveal 3 selections in a surprising and magical way.

  • Shell Game Finale
  • Borrowed Ring: So you want to end the Shell Game magically? Here's how Doug does it with a borrowed ring.
    The Pearl (explanation only): A beautiful surprise ending, particularly useful for your female spectators


"Half & Half" DVD - Volume 2

Practical Magic for the Working Performer
By Douglas Brewer

Tricks included:

  • Stand-up and Be Counted Routine
    Coin Catch: How do magicians play catch? Based on Fred Kaps Coins & Silk routine. Simplified and amazing.
    Shell Fly: Not again! A super clean and logical extension of the previous routine.
    Savior Faire Vanish: A stunning way to instantly vanish 3 coins in a silk.
    Cointinuum: a shorter variation of one of Doug's own routines. 3 coins vanish one at a time at the fingertips. Look out for the surprise ending.

  • Card in Motion Routine
    Quick Card Through Table: Make a card visually penetrate up through the table, and a chosen card penetrate down into your hand. All at the same time!
    Three-zers: A silly pun leads into a killer revelation of a signed card. Based on ideas from Br. John Hamman and Alex Eimsley.

  • Imaginary Air Mail
    Direct from Doug's lecture, a handling of "thought card across" that Gordon Bean loved.

  • Syd's Quartet
    Syd Segal's ultra-clean version of LJ's Monarch's Quartet. You'll fool yourself

"Get Bent"

In this video Doug Brewer will teach you the classics, as well as some of his original creations for this amazing revelation. At the end of each routine, your spectator's signed card will be found in the most unbelievable places--and, as the title of this video implies--folded up. Doug's teaching style is both fun and easy to understand.

Personal instruction on the two more popular card folds:

  • The Mercury 4-way card fold
  • The 6-way card fold (popularized by Matt Schulien)

Tricks included:

  • Tri-Flection: An easy and amazing way to vanish the spectator's signed card.
  • Card to Matchbook: A classic taught with Doug's touches.
  • The Magic Coin: A no-nonsense method for making a signed card appear in a coin purse.
  • Your Name: A comedy call-back ends with the signed card folded up inside your credit card wallet.
  • Card to Matchbox: A tiny "wand" provides for an invisible load to this classic.
  • Card to Shoe: A reputation-making routine with lots of "sole".
  • The Art Collector: Art and magic come together for this mind-blower.
  • A Technicolor Mystery: A signed card changes color, then appears where it couldn't possibly be.
  • A Million $$ Mystery (Bonus Effect): A signed bill routine, suitable for walk around. Also includes Doug's coin routine, "3 Across the Fly" from his The Unexpected Visitor book.

"Coin Box Killers"

Stand-up Routines for the Coin Worker's Favorite Prop
By Douglas Brewer

Tricks included:

Each one of these routines has a unique need or presentation built into them. For example, the first three routines, Wile E. Coyote Coin Box, Translocated Okito Box, and The Flying Stupendas, are my “special occasion” routines. These are a little longer in performance time and may require a close-up pad, but in the right place, they kill.

The next two routines, Brass Trio and The Invisible, are my 2 copper/1 silver routines for the coin box and are two of the strongest routines in the book.

The two routines after that are Fidget Simplified (a reworking of one of my favorite spellbound-type routines) and Okit-O, Cheat-O, a routine from my magician friend, Syd Segal. Both are copper/silver/brass routines that use all three coins to great advantage.

After that, three of my walk-around routines are taught. These are Exporter, Bertram Revisited, and Stand-up Box Through Hand. If anything you learn from this book, include these three. They are strong and practical routines that I use consistently in my strolling and banquet work.

As a kind of fun challenge, I’ve included a routine of mine called Progressive Assembly. It started out as a challenge to myself – the plot intrigued me. So, I’ve included my version of it here.

Finally, the book concludes with the routines, The Promoter and Rice Surprise, that use the coin box as a production container – an unusual use in most routines. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much magic can be hidden in a simple coin box. Every routine in this book is meant to be performed standing with no lap work required.


"High Impact Card Magic"

Enclosed within these notes are some of my favorite routines with cards. These effects are all of my workhorse routines that have served me well (and continue to serve me) in my professional venues. 41 pages, saddle-stitched, photo illustrated.

Routines included:

  • Tri-Flection: The original routine, now on my DVD "Get Bent", that I use at every table I perform. A card is selected, signed and lost in the deck. Three random cards are removed from the deck and shown to be indifferent (they just don't care). Instantly all three cards are shown to be the selected card, then just as quick they all turn into Jokers. The perfect trick before any signed card revelation (e.g. wallet, Mystery Box, etc.).
  • Jokers Are Wild: The perfect trick (and easy!) when a spectator asks, "What card am I thinking of?
  • "Mis-Mate Revisited: A reworking of a classic Simon Aronson effect, and a great lead-in to Chicago Opener (just ask Aldo Columbini, who told me so!)
  • Rubberband Deck Switch: An easy, no sweat method to switch a deck of cards in walk-around situations.
  • My Little Trick (Aronson Stack): My attempt at mindreading dedicated to all the work by Simon Aronson.
  • Reflection (Aronson Stack): A perfect trick for those of you just cutting your teeth on memorized deck work. Very strong for walk-around.
  • Believe (Aronson Stack): A stand-up card trick where a completely fair, and randomly selected card matches an odd-backed card in another deck.
  • Out Of Print Prediction (Limited Edition): A reworking of a classic Brother John Hamman effect using the Limited Edition packet trick. Gordon Bean loved it!
  • Imaginary Air Mail (Limited Edition): Another effect using the Limited Edition trick. A thought of card flies through the air and transposes with a packet of blank cards. A great stand-up trick I have used for years.
  • A Technicolor Mystery (Mystery Box): A signed card changes color, then appears where it couldn't possibly be!
  • Your Name (MagiCard): A comedy call-back ends with the signed card folded up inside your credit card wallet.